Company Organization

Head office is based in Sassari – Italy.

The terminal is located in the industrial port of Porto Torres, in an area of about 10000 square meters under a public concession. It allows a yearly supply of 500000 metric tons of raw materials, that can be stocked separately on different aprons, in order to handle multiple types of cargoes at the same time. SMS LOG Spa has the only public port weighbridge of the entire port of Porto Torres. The most commonly handled raw materials at the terminal are sands, clays, bauxite, bentonite, coals, pebbles and waste products (e.g. fly and wet ashes and chemical gypsum) produced by the near coal power plant of Fiume Santo.

Our highly professional company reached a significant increment of trade volumes and number of customers in which we can include the major Italian and international companies.
The rapid growth of our company has resulted in the expansion of our workforce through the integration of new skills, in order to ensure the highest possible levels of coordination and quality of the job offered.

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