Our history

Active in Sardinia and in main Mediterranean ports since 1947.

SHIPPING MEDITERRANEAN SEALOG Spa was born from a branch of the Acciaro&Parodi, which has been involved in shipping and transportation since 1947.
In 1999 the Acciaro&Parodi started operating also as a stevedoring company on a terminal in the industrial port of Porto Torres. The terminal can handle yearly 500000 metric tons of raw materials and allows for stocking different types of bulk goods at the same time.

In 2012 following a company re-organization, Acciaro&Parodi was split in two different new companies: SMS LOG Spa and AP Logistics Srl that focus on Shipping and Stevedoring Services and on the transportation of raw materials and waste products respectively. These two companies cooperate in Sardinia, allowing SMS LOG Spa to manage entirely the supply chain cycle from the origin of the cargo to the consignee.

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